Latest TMG Market Insights

Information on several recent transactions by the TMG team

Manufacturing Client

Our client, a manufacturer and distributer of rail car components, had a looming lease expiration on two buildings totaling 115,000 square feet.  In addition to the challenges associated with unprecedented demand and limited supply of industrial space in the Chicago metro market, the client was facing the costly endeavor of relocating its complex operation.  Remaining in their current location was their priority. The building’s owner, armed with its own knowledge on the landlord favorable market conditions and the significant costs [...]


Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado like most US markets is experiencing record high demand for high quality distribution centers, and as a result there are few buildings to consider.  This client, a national pet food distributor had a looming lease expiration and needed to expand their existing building’s capacity by 3 times.  We thrust our MTS process in place, formulated an execution plan and got to work.  Despite the tight market conditions, the results of our MTS process produced a 157,000 SF [...]