Eastern Pennsylvania eCommerce

TMG’s client who provides shipping solutions for eCommerce companies, needed to grow its footprint to service the northeast United States.  The search began at the height of the COVID-19 shutdowns posing widespread challenges.  The client sought a state-of-the-art facility in a very competitive market with limited options.

The TMG Supply Chain Solutions team led by Dan Smolensky, SIOR kicked in the MTS (Maximizing Tenant Strengths) process.  It started with a clear definition of the requirement by all stakeholders, then an analysis of the client’s existing employees drive-times, then reviewing property options.  COVID-19 presented several unique challenges, none more difficult than the travel restrictions to inspect properties. from a very hands-on leadership team.  The TMG team created a virtual tour consisting of customized photos and videos of all the properties providing the client’s stakeholders the opportunity to understand and evaluate the properties and surrounding area without a physical tour.

Despite the challenge of few options, the client approved the TMG team to pursue every option in the market to create a competitive environment.  The result was a 176,000 SF lease in a new building with above standard building improvements including enhanced warehouse lighting, material handling systems, and higher end office finishes.

For more about this transaction or our MTS process, please visit us at  www.tmg-rea.com or contact us at info@tmg-rea.com

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