Trends to know for 2022

Trends to know for 2022

FMI Consulting presented live (yes live, not online!!!) @ the Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers ( luncheon this week in Chicago.

Some interesting takeaways and data points:

Trends to watch in 2022,  it’s all interconnected:


Oil prices are rising

  • We are trending toward an inverted yield curve; the inversion point when short term yields are greater than long term yields. Early sign of Recession?
  • Russia and Ukraine impact: flaming inflation, supply chain snarls, building material challenges, higher fuel, copper and aluminum costs
  • Oil Prices are moving up rapidly, currently at a 9-year high. Will it settle?
  • Inflation is at a 40-year high.
  • New home sales have cooled off.
  • Consumer Confidence is decreasing, that results in less spending.
  • COVID’s lingering effects:
    • Lockdown promotes move to online shopping.
    • Cargo ships sitting at ports for weeks.
    • Workers out sick or limited due to quarantine.

A quick recap of Q4 2021:

  • 6.9% GDP growth, massive. Up 11.7% since January 2020.
  • Unemployment continued to drop.

Expect labor uncertainty


  • The labor force participation continues be low, currently at 62.2%.
  • Washington’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, getting the money out to projects.
  • Supply Chain efficiency.

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