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Flashback: 2020

As we sit on the edge of a New Year, we want to take a moment to look back at what made 2020 so unprecedented. The year was expected to be nothing less than exceptional for the business world. The labor market was strong, with a marked labor shortage (caused by the 50-year record low unemployment rates). We closed 2019 believing that the greatest risks to the national economic well-being were trade policies, the fed, and politics. Then the Covid-19 pandemic [...]


Industrial Report Q1 – 2019

Although Landlords are beginning to anticipate a slowdown in leasing activity rental rates remain high. Property taxes and operating expenses also continue to rise. 50% of the areas leasing is from eCommerce companies and “Last Mile” delivery is driving leasing of smaller industrial spaces. Click here to read TMG’s full Q1 2019 Industrial Property Update