Driver Shortage Continues

Supply Chain & Logisitics Team

By: Dan Smolensky, Supply Chain Solutions Group

A deeper look into the 3PL industry highlights one key issue, driver shortage. Before the novel coronavirus began to dominate the headlines, American Trucking Associations maintained that the industry was short an estimated 60,000 drivers as a result of retirements and the sometimes slow pace of getting new men and women into the industry. While those factors remain true, what has changed in short order is the economic environment the industry currently confronts.

As of May 22, many Department of Motor Vehicle offices remained closed or had significantly restricted services, limiting the availability of testing for CDL candidates to take driving tests. That means the pipeline of incoming drivers — at least momentarily — is much lower. And even as states begin to return to providing services, they’re going to need help on the driver’s license side as there will be a backlog.

According to The Logistics Managers Index, which tracks the movements of the global logistics industry, transportation is the logistics sector that has been impacted the most dramatically by Covid-19.


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